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Exceptional team + unique DNA + top partners. Our formula for success.

3 PEOPLE make up today the internal team of The Mulligan Factory.

We apply the company’s lean philosophy to all areas of the company.

Lluís Llavina

CEO, CTO & Co-Founder

Soul of the project. He directs the day to day of the company and leads the growth efforts to make the vision of the factory a reality. He considers himself an apprentice and is a great fan of travel and magic.

Santi Jansá


Great strategist. Thinks and supervises from the shade to ensure that the team remain focused. In his time he was a DJ, although now he is better at being a father and hitting the drive more than 250 meters.

Sergi Nieto

Business Development

The commercial spirit of the team. Right now, focused on the consolidation of Clapphouse in the Spanish market. In the past, he was an entrepreneur too. He is passionate about cars and basketball.

Our DNA makes us a UNIQUE COMPANY in the golf sector and the ‘SPORTECH’ field.


  • Specialized in the intersection between the golf industry and technology.
  • Bold, curious and non-conformist. With a high capacity for innovation.
  • Respectful, but critical at the same time.
  • Clear vocation to become a trusted partner of the client.


  • Knowledge of the world of golf as players, club managers, and investors.
  • Extensive experience in strategic consulting and as entrepreneurs.
  • Vast knowledge of technologies and digital solutions, and their application to each field.
  • Wide and solid ecosystem of relations.

Access to TEST BANKS

  • Internal laboratory for various R&D activities.
  • Indirect partial ownership of Golf La Roca and Fontanals Golf Club.
  • High ability to launch pilots in different real environments.
  • Practice of technological co-development with different clients and collaborators.

And these are our main PARTNERS.

Without them, the factory would not be what it is today, and it would not be possible to realize our vision.

Soluciones Cuatroochenta

Technological partner involved in the development of Clapphouse ?


Suite of management solutions currently leading the market in Spain ?

Bake 250º

Experts in branding,design, online marketing and web development ?