Specialized services for the digitization of the golf industry

You need to digitize. You know. If you want to take the step, we can help you.

We offer specialized digitization services. So you can advance in your digital TRANSFORMATION process. WITHOUT BEING OVERWHELMED.

Digitization is a complex area.

“For the brave” would even some say.

Surely there are many aspects that you cannot understand.

And that creates insecurity and even anxiety, doesn’t it?

It’s normal.

Transforming at the digital level is a MAJOR CHALLENGE.

But don’t worry. We can help you.

The golf industry must be transformed.
And you, as part of it, too.
At your own pace. Without haste but without pause.
And we can make the journey more bearable.
I invite you to test us. You will not regret.

Lluís LlavinaCEO & Co-Fundador

6 main digitization AREAS


Identification of the starting point, concreteness of the target scenario and development of the roadmap.


Web, SSNN, directories, media, … Dozens of digital storefronts with their particularities. What is the optimal mix?


Management systems, your own app, digitizing the driving range,What should be your skeleton?


Tools for specific uses. Account management, analytics, onlineforms, QR codes, …


They must be acquired, developed and consolidated. Capabilities, culture, procedures, data, connectivity, …


We love to develop disruptive projects following a leanmethodology. Do you have an idea to re-invent golf?


For each field, we select and use the best digital solutions and tools.

And our lab is constantly tracking the digital domain to identify new utility options.

If there is a digital solution or tool for a specific need of the golf industry, we find it.

And we integrate it into the day-to-day life of our customers.

And we help them get the most out of it.

Because reinventing the wheel is very often a waste of time…

We do not have any kind of business or affiliation relationship with any of the solutions we recommend. We are 100% impartial and objective.

We work exclusively following a PER-HOUR, BILLING MODEL.

And we offer different options for different digital transformation needs. Try us and we’ll surprise you. We deliver a better and faster result at a lower final total cost.

Ad hoc

€80 per hour

Ideal in the case of requiring timely support at specific times. Very useful for the formulation of very specific ad hoc queries.

Pack 12

€70 per hour

12 hours of specialized support to use over 12 months. Ideal for one-off inquiries as part of an ongoing effort.

Pack 24

€60 per hour

24 hours of specialized support with a validity of 12 months. Ideal if you need to be guided through your digital transformation process.

Pack 48

€50 per hour

48 hours of support to use over 12 months. Ideal for implementing the most complex aspects of the transformation process.