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Specialized services for the digitization of the golf industry

Transformation is a must. And we can help you.

We offer a wide range of specialized services so that you can advance in your digital TRANSFORMATION process WITHOUT STRESS.

Digitization is a complex area.

“For the brave” would even some say.

Surely there are many aspects that you cannot understand.

And that creates insecurity and even anxiety, doesn’t it?

It’s normal.

Transforming successfully is a MAJOR CHALLENGE.

But don’t worry. We can help you.

The golf industry must be transformed.
And you, as part of it, too.
At your own pace. Without haste but without pause.
And we can make the journey more bearable.
I invite you to test us. You will not regret.

Lluís LlavinaCEO & Co-Fundador

We structure our offer of specialized services in 6 main AREAS of action


Identification of the starting point, concreteness of the target scenario and development of the roadmap.


They must be acquired, developed and consolidated. Culture, capabilities, procedures, connectivity, …


Consolidation of core solutions. Management system, mobile app, technologies for the driving range,


Web, SSNN, TTOO, directories and media. Analysis, selection and management of all types of digital storefronts.


Selection and implementation of tools for specific uses. Account management, analytics, online forms, …


We love collaborating in the development of new disruptive projects. Do you have an idea to re-invent golf?


There are many technologies.

They evolve at a frenetic pace.

And thousands of interesting solutions for all kinds of needs.

Solutions that are born, evolve and die daily.

At The Mulligan Factory we are constantly scanning the digital space to identify new utility options for the golf industry.

For each area, we select and use the best technologies and solutions.

And then we help our clients to integrate them into their day-to-day activities and to get the most out of them.

We work exclusively following a PER-HOUR, BILLING MODEL.

And we offer different options for different transformation needs. Try us and we’ll surprise you. We deliver a better and faster result at a lower final total cost.

Ad hoc

€80 / hour

Ideal in the case of requiring timely support at certain times. Very useful for the formulation of very specific ad hoc queries.

Pack 12

€70 / hour

12 hours to use over 12 months. Ideal for minor projects and one-off inquiries as part of an ongoing effort.

Pack 24

€60 / hour

24 hours with a validity of 12 months. Ideal to be guided through a wide digital transformation process.

Pack 48

€50 / hour

48 hours to use over 12 months. Ideal for implementing the most complex aspects of the transformation process.


Have you decided to undertake a digital transformation process and need a partner to guide and accompany you?

Are you already transforming and need specialized support in a specific area?

Do you need help selecting and implementing a new technology?

You just have to fill out this form and someone from our team will contact you in the next few hours to organize a personalized assessment session.

Applying technology to business is imperative today.

And at The Mulligan Factory we are ready to help you.

Let’s talk!