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Digital transformation
in the golf industry

You can't wait to go digital, and we can help you.

Applying TECHNOLOGY to the business to TRANSFORM IT offers multiple benefits.

Transformation is not an option, but a necessity.


Technology can become a great enabler and catalyst for business in general.


Throughout the life cycle of the golfer and in every interaction with the club.


In the age of the individual, micro-segmentation and personalization are fundamental.


The rational application of technology allows greater efficiency and optimization in general.


The field of technology is a very vast and highly dynamic universe.

What is digitization?

What areas of the golf club should be digitized?

What technological solutions are the most appropriate in each case?

What capabilities do I need to bring into the business?

Where to start?

You feel overwhelmed. Even lost. But is normal.

You need specialized support.

And we can help you.

We are a company SPECIALIZED in the TRANSFORMATION of the GOLF sector through the application of all kinds of TECHNOLOGIES. And we focus on the following 2 areas of action.

Development of

We are the creators of Clapphouse, the leading mobile app for golf clubs in Spain. And we are already working on the development of new disruptive solutions.

Provision of

We can help you fit the pieces of the puzzle together and accompany you throughout the transformation process. Our services cover a wide spectrum.

About our CUSTOMERS…

There are already nearly 100 clients in Spain who have opted for The Mulligan Factory to date.
Basically social and commercial, public and private, small and large golf courses and clubs.
We also work selectively with some federations and other entities linked to golf.
95% of our clients would recommend us without hesitation.
We quickly become a trusted partner capable of guiding and supporting them throughout their transformation process.