Producer of new forms of entertainment in golf

We believe that golf can be more entertaining thanks to the latest digital technologies and solutions. And we apply them to make it so.

We offer the golfer new forms of entertainment.

18-hole tournaments on the course proliferate, but game formulas vary little. Other club facilities are forgotten, and the technologies available to increase the presence of golf beyond the club’s physical barriers are not exploited. At The Mulligan Factory we are working to make this change.

New game formulas

Beyond the approved traditional modalities. Less than 18 holes and 2.5 hours of maximum duration. The goal is to have a good time,not necessarily to compete.

New ways to live golf

Beyond the course. Other facilities and environments that can also facilitate the enjoyment of golf. New trends like eSports are already breaking into golf.

We help golf clubs TO DIGITALIZE their DRIVING RANGE, and dynamize it.

We know very well the different digital technologies available on the market.

Solutions for the digitization of ball machines, …

… technologies for ball tracking, …

sensorization of different elements, …

For example, we have led the implementation of Toptracer Range at Golf La Roca, thesecond club in Spain to deploy it.

And we are already launching all kinds of initiatives for players to enjoy golf more thanks to this type of technology.

The “CHALLENGE” format is one of the fundamental pillars of the factory.

An ideal format to enhance player participation and viralization of initiatives inside and outside the golf club.


Game-related challenges in and out of tournaments (e.g. “Take a free green fee by doing 5 pairs in a row!”).


Here trick shots are used to enhance the practice zone. Chance plays a relevant role (e.g. “Get a ball inside a basked at 200 yards and enjoy a free year of balls!”).


Challenges in which a certain physical effort needs to be overcome (e.g. “Complete 9 holes in less than 1 hour and 40 strokes and win…”).


Challenges related to knowledge about the club and the world of golf in general (e.g. “Hit 5 consecutive questions and take the free breakfast!”).